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Posted on March 9, 2021

Community Ministries November Focus

Community Ministries November Focus:  UN World Food Programme and the Bowery Mission

In November, the Community Ministries Board will be focusing our efforts on providing resources for those in need of food. During the Thanksgiving season, meals together are often a focus for many of us, but sadly there are lots of individuals who do not have this basic necessity.  Specifically, we will be partnering with two different organizations both locally and internationally.  Locally, we will continue our partnership with the Bowery Mission and donate money to help them provide Thanksgiving meals to the hungry and homeless.  MABC has a long-standing partnership with the Bowery Mission which includes members from the congregation serving Thanksgiving meals to their clients in past years, so we are excited to support them in November.  Internationally, we will be partnering with the United Nations World Food Programme and their lifesaving mission in Madagascar.  Madagascar is experiencing its worst drought in almost 40 years and the lack of rainfall has depleted food production and dried up water sources.  As a result, over one million individuals throughout the country are experiencing malnutrition, with children being the most affected and leading to conditions that will irreversibly damage their development and growth.   Showcased on World News Tonight, the full story can be seen HERE.

We encourage anyone interested to help the Community Ministries board in donating to either of these worthy causes and assisting them in their missions.

You can donate HERE through Pushpay or by sending a check to the church.  When making a donation, please earmark the funds for this specific purpose so we know how to allocate it.  Remember, the Community Ministries Board will match donations provided by the congregation, so make your dollar count!  Thank you as always for your continued support!