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Posted on February 28, 2022

Community Ministries November Focus – The Bowery Mission

For the month of November, the Board of Community Ministries has chosen to focus on supporting the Bowery Mission!  During the Thanksgiving season, meals together are often a focus for many of us, but sadly there are lots of individuals who do not have this basic necessity.  As a result, we will be supporting the Bowery Mission by donating money to help them provide Thanksgiving meals to the hungry and homeless.  MABC has a long standing partnership with the Bowery Mission which includes members from the congregation serving Thanksgiving meals to their clients in past years, so we are excited to support them in November.

If you are interested in helping us support this mission, please earmark funds for this specific purpose so we know how to allocate it.  Remember, the Community Ministries Board will match donations provided by the congregation so we hope to really make an impact for those in need.  You can donate online HERE (selecting the Bowery Mission option) or mail a check to the church noting it’s for the Bowery Mission.