MABC In-Need Fund

What is the Madison Avenue Baptist Church (In-need) Fund?

The purpose of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church (In-need) Fund is to meet individual members’ basic needs.  Basic needs are defined as shelter, food, clothing, and medical. The fund is an officially recognized and designated permanent fund, established by the church governing board. Funds are dispersed to an applicant’s creditors, not to an individual. The fund was established in December 2020 as a lifeline to help those within the Madison Avenue Baptist Church Family in need of emergency financial assistance due to the COVID-19 crisis. For more details please view the Policy and Guidelines.

Who is Eligible for the MABC (In-need) Fund?

In order of priority, recipients of funds disbursed from the fund at the direction of the subcommittee are: Church members, Regular attendees, Members of the community upon recommendation of a church member, and Ministries and Christian agencies that serve people with the same needs as those which fit the criteria for assistance from the benevolence fund, but which provide services the church does not, and who have been recommended by a Madison Avenue Baptist Church member.

How do I apply for assistance?

  1. The application shall be completed below or by filling out the form online. The process is intended to take approximately one to two weeks.
  2. In a meeting or by a telephone conference, the subcommittee reviews the request and determines an outcome and informs the Board of Deacons in writing of its decision. Applications are considered based on need and a review of available monies in the In-need Fund. Individuals’ names of the recipients will remain anonymous to the Board of Deacons.
  3. The person who has submitted the application is informed of the decision.
  4. In most cases checks are written and disbursed. As much as possible, checks from the fund will be payable to vendors, homeowners’ associations, etc., rather than to the individual requesting assistance. Online retailers will be used in lieu of gift cards and cash whenever possible.