Volunteer With Us

Service is a core component to our mission at MABC. Here are a few examples of what we do. To get a full up-to-date list of available volunteer opportunities, please subscribe to our weekly eblast by sending a request to info@mabcnyc.org. ALL are welcome!

Clothing Drive for Migrants and Refugees

New York City has continued to have a surge of migrants from the US southern border with numbers continuing to expand daily within our city. These individuals often arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and are in need of basic supplies for survival. As a result, we will be partnering with The Ecumenical Outreach, who is on the front line in helping these migrants out daily – specifically, we will be running a clothing and supply drive to help provide for their needs. If interested, they are asking for the following things:

Supplies: Body Lotion, Deodorant, Snacks, Bottles of water, Razors/travel size shaving cream, Soap, New Socks, New Underwear (no used socks or underwear, please).

In addition, gently used items for ALL ages (infants to adult men and women) are also being requested: Children’s clothing/shoes, Sneakers/Work Shoes (all sizes and genders), Hoodies, Lightweight Sweatpants, Jeans, Shirts, Shorts, T-Shirts.

If you’re unable to physically bring these items to MABC and would like instead for the Community Ministries Board to purchase them on your behalf, we’d be more than happy to do that. If you’re interested in helping us support this mission, please earmark the funds for this specific purpose so we know how to allocate it. Remember, the Community Ministries Board will match donations provided by the congregation to help make an impact for those in need. Thank you for your consideration!

Wednesday Prayer and Meetup

The Weekly Wednesday Prayer Meeting is on hold until Fall. Stay tuned for more details.



Ecclesia Ministries

Join us after service on the 5th Sunday of the month as we prepare a lunch for the homeless.

Upcoming Dates:

September 29, 2024